What does the annulment of Roy’s election mean for the government and the country?

The decision of the Council of State to annul the election of Senator Roy Barreras due to double militancy, which only must be officially notified for the departure of today’s powerful president of the Senate, will have an impact of enormous consequences in national politics. Not only for their own future but for the Government and its channels of dialogue with other political forces.

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This is the strongest blow received by the government coalition, because with his experience and his ability to work Roy Barreras had become the authentic architect of the Executive’s agenda in Congress.

Seven weeks and a couple of days from the end of the Legislature in which he was the protagonist, the ruling occurred, which is added to the end of the government coalition, announced by Petro through a trill, and the change of the cabinet in seven of his portfolios.

In addition to ministers such as José Antonio Ocampo and Cecilia López, who provided the cabinet with voices from the center, even critics (which ultimately was decisive in his departure), that of Roy Barreras had become a figure that He tried to reduce the radicalism of the Executive and called for political dialogue. For this reason, his departure from the Presidency of Congress at a time of polarization may affect the necessary channels of communication between the forces that strictly support the government of Gustavo Petro and the rest of the country.

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Barreras’ role gained more weight.He is a true political animal In parallel, for example, to his cancer treatment, he continued his work as if nothing had happened. This Wednesday, to cite a case, after obtaining the approval of the National Development Plan, PND, in the Senate he joked and told journalists: We are going to the Chamber to push that to get it out today.

Y That’s how it went.This Thursday he was tireless together with Interior Minister Luis Fernando Velasco, and David Racero, president of the Chamber, his two fellow members of the Historical Pact.

That earned him a congratulations from Spain, where he is on an official visit, by President Gustavo Petro, who more than once publicly called to make his social changes but through institutionality.

Thus, when the Head of State said, just four days ago, that if the reforms were not approved, the path would open for a revolution, Roy asked for serenity and demanded institutionality.*100030 *
Congress has the responsibility of transmitting to Colombians that in this house, in this compound, which is everyone’s house, democracy advances through institutional channels, Barreras assured.

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