They order the release of former Segalmex officials; They allude to a lack of elements to start the process

The case of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) against former officials of the Mexican Food Security (Segalmex) for alleged diversion of agency resources is diluted, after a control judge of the Altiplano Prison, in Almoloya de Juárez, State of Mexico, determined not to link to the process the former director of Administration and Finance of Segalmex, Jesús Óscar Navarro Garate and two other former public servants, for the alleged purchase of four thousand million pesos in dairy products in 2020.

The judge determined that there are no elements to start a process against Navarro Garate, but neither against Carlos Norberto Valero Flores, former deputy director of Assurance of Liconsa Quality and Enrique Zamorano Solís, former deputy manager of the parastatal, all of them accused of organized crime and operations with resources of illegal origin. The three public servants will leave the prison in the next few hours.

However, the judge only acted against Edgar Alejandro Armenta Peralta, partner and representative of the company Vicente Suárez 73, who had committed to deliver 400,000 liters of processed milk and 13,216 kilograms of butterfat per day, but breached the contract.

According to information from the Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF) , the FGR opened an investigation folder against the former officials, despite the fact that Navarro Gárate was the one who denounced since 2020 that there was a series of contracts entered into by Segalmex, Liconsa and Diconsa that did not comply with the regulations in force and represented an embezzlement for the public treasury.

Despite the complaints, directors of Segalmex, an organization created during the present administration, did not respond to the complaint and it was not until the ASF announced the alleged embezzlement that letters were taken on the matter. So far the alleged embezzlement against the agency amounts to more than 15 billion pesos.

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