The world of video games took over the National Maritime Museum

Within the framework of International Museum Day (DIM 2023), on Thursday, May 18, the National Maritime Museum (MMN) participated as an exhibitor in an important world event organized by the creators of the acclaimed naval combat video game “World of Warships”, an act that brought together the most important Maritime and Naval Museums in the world.

The activity recognized by the “gamer” universe as “The Longest Night of Museums”, in its third version brought together 19 museums from different countries, among them; Croatia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and South Korea, and two representatives from Latin America; Chile and Brazil, who came together in a live broadcast on the Twitch channel of “World of Warships” in a meeting followed by millions of players, present on the 5 continents, on their platforms for PC and PlayStation or Xbox consoles.* 100004*

At 1:00 p.m., Chilean time, it was the turn of the National Maritime Museum, and ad hoc with the activity, the location chosen for the transmission was the “Battleship Almirante Latorre” room, with the imposing model to scale of the battleship as the main stage, an instance in which fans of naval warfare video games were able to participate in the conversation that the event organizers had with its Director, Rear Admiral Andrés Rodrigo, the Museum Curator, Eduardo Rivera, and his assistants. , María José Milla, who, in a period of 45 min, presented to the participants different events on the history and maritime heritage of Chile.

In this regard, Rear Admiral Rodrigo pointed out: “This activity has allowed us to show the world not only one of the largest models of its kind in South America, but also to detail the role of the Navy and its combat units in different episodes. and passages of the maritime history of Chile”.

It should be noted that this initiative called “The Longest Night of Museums” was created by “World of Warships” to celebrate and support the work that naval museums do to preserve maritime history, consolidating themselves as a space for These historical centers, through virtual tours, live connections, information panels and question and answer sessions with users connected around the world, can not only interactively complement all the information and history of the most emblematic warships of all times, but also to continue motivating people to appreciate and promote world naval history.

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