The Pont des arts in Bourganeuf, a shop dedicated to creation

Behind the window at 21, rue de Verdun in Bourganeuf (Creuse), there are no traders or products – although some cultural objects are sold there – but ideas to share and bring to fruition.

The small store brings together a group of friends whose objective is to share the pleasure of creating. And it is thanks to this common point that the idea of ​​organizing the El Castle Festival in Bourganeuf on June 23 and 24 was born. Two days of concerts during which world music will resonate and the creations of artists and craftsmen will be exhibited. the hard core of Indemind, the association organizing the event: its president Thomas Ben Itah, its secretary Maxime Giganon, its treasurer Eloïse Barret and its most active volunteers, such as Béatrice Flogisto, writer, Fréderic Martins, visual artist. All invite the curious to come and join them to exchange, listen and discover what they know how to do and want to offer to others. Because the place, which aims to promote culture in all aspects, is above all a bridge between people and local creators.

Indemind was created in Auvergne it a year and a half ago, with the aim of promoting artists and offering events, in particular music festivals. The initiators of the association have since organized musical meetings in Clermont-Ferrand and Haute-Loire, before performing several concerts and exhibitions.

A festival on June 23 and 24

The idea of come to Creuse, Thomas Ben Itah got it after taking part in Festi’guernette in Mainsat. After settling there, he got involved with new friends to organize several festive and musical moments. Thanks to a friend, Quentin Mignaton, son of the owners of the former Bourganiaude boutique, the band wanted to develop their project and naturally found that Bourganeuf would be a place where they could pursue their musical and creative adventures.

*100013 *In Bourganeuf the El Castle Festival will put on stage a dozen artists. In a veritable bouquet of heterogeneous styles, between traditional Mongolian music and progressive post rock, the public will be able to discover, for example, Zalem, Urya or even Dub Traveler, Thomas’s formation, but also other groups whose organizers do not yet want reveal the names. Because surprise is a bit the leitmotif of Indemind.

Between the place of the pond and that of the town hall if there will be decibels from all horizons, there will also be solidarity in the background since, in partnership with the Restos du Coeur, some will be invited to pay for their entry in foodstuffs.

The shop is open Wednesday to Saturday: Wednesday and Thursday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Friday and Saturday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Such. or, Facebook page.

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