The date of local motorsports was postponed to Monday, May 1

One day after the agreement, the sixth day of the Bariloche motorsport contest will take place for the TN 1100, Formula 850 and Sanderos categories. This is how they informed Motor GP this Saturday from the organization. Due to the weather conditions, they decided to wait a day to be able to have the track in good condition.

It will be then, the Monday holiday for Labor Day on May 1, the new date chosen to develop activities in the El Rebenque circuit . As stipulated, the action will begin at 10 in the morning and will last until the afternoon with the finals and the award podium for the three divisions. The value of the entry will be 1000 pesos.

As previously reported, more than 35 cars will be part of the event, with 18 machines in the TN 1100, the largest category, where Muñoz, Oreste, Garmendia appear , Chávez, Muñoz, Villalobos, González, Muñoz, Altamirano, Gómez, San Martín, Rivero, Valderas, Sandoval, Barría, Basso, Matus and Levin.

In that of the “fititos” with some important returns, if we take into account the previous date, Alegre, Hernández, Altamirano, Martínez, Tojo, Cárdenas, Paredes, Matuz, Winckler and Jorge Molina, who returns after several years of absence, signed up.

In the Areneros, to start a mini championship, Maggi, Barreyro, Hermosilla, Lagos, Segovia, Lambrechts, Maizón, Raimondi and Calfín have already signed up.

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