Stop in Manerba del Garda for the Giro NextGen

The Giro d’Italia Under 23, this year prosaically called NextGen because it’s trendier, will also have a stage in Brescia. And like the Giro dei grandi, it will not be a trivial stage but capable of affecting the classification even if it arrives the day after the climb of the Stelvio which constitutes the real obstacle or springboard if you prefer to conquer the pink and white stage race that represents a nice business card for those who aspire to become a great champion.

The stage in question will be the fifth, in a Giro, all moved to Northern Italy, which has only eight stages and for the first time is under the organizational aegis of Rcs Sport, the same company that organizes the Giro of the greats. The fifth stage of the Giro NextGen scheduled for 15 June will start from Cesano Maderno and finish in Manerba del Garda after 159 kilometres, one hundred of which covered in the Brescia area.

The Brescia stage, in detail

Challenging and nervous stage, especially in the finale, which takes the race to Lake Garda. Departure across the plain north of Milan dotted with inhabited centers with the usual crossing difficulties consisting of normal traffic obstacles such as roundabouts, traffic reservations and street furniture of various types. You enter the province of Brescia from Palazzolo, then Erbusco, first uphill the Bellavista, then Monterotondo, Iseo, up to Polaveno otherwise known as Passo Tre Termini, down to Gardone and up again to Passo del Cavallo from Lumezzane, down to Odolo and the Passo di Sant’Eusebio before descending to Vallio and then Gavardo and tackling the nervous little hills of the Valtenesi (Castello di Muscoline) and then descending towards the lake with some final “teeth” suitable for possible coups.

With the stage on the day before at the Stelvio and the one on 17 June in Pian del Cansiglio, the Brescia stage is the one that can make the difference also for the classification.

The Giro NextGen

The Giro NG will start on Sunday 11 June in Agliè, in Piedmont, with a time trial of 9.4 kilometres, on the 12th the San Francesco al Campo Cherasco of 151 kilometers slightly bumpy, on the 13th the Priocca Magenta of 146 km for sprinters, on the 14th the Morbegno passo dello Stelvio of only 118 km but with the Teglio before the maxi climb at high altitude, on the 15th the stage in Brescia, on the 16th the Pergine Valsugana Povegliano of 166 km still for sprinters, on the 17th the Possagno Pian del Cansiglio of 175 km , the longest stage and the conclusion on 18 June from Tavagnacco to Trieste of 131 km, indicatively for sprinters.

«This year the Giro Next Gen will take place entirely in the North because with only eight stages it is impossible to touch the whole boot – said the director of the Giro Mauro Vegni during the presentation – In the next few years we plan to develop the race to Center and South in order to bring this top-level event for the category to all Italian territories, as we already do in professional racing. The route offers chances to everyone, time trialists, sprinters, finisseurs and climbers with the icing on the cake represented by the arrival on the Stelvio Pass”.

To be clarified now how many and which teams will participate because places are reduced. Also in the running are the three teams from Brescia: «Biesse Carrera Premac, Sias Rime Drali and Delio Gallina Ecotek Lucchini».

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