Santa Fe, with a new ‘general’ as DT, shakes off, wins and returns to eight

Santa Fe needed to resurface, wake up, get up and fight. That’s what his people asked him for, for that there was a change of coach to see if with Gerardo Bedoya the team had another blood flow. And so it was, a resounding victory against Atlético Huila, 5-0, allows them to reach 26 points and return to the group of eight. On date 20, against Once Caldas, he must defend that position with sharp claws.

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Santa Fe was not dead, it had not surrendered. His storm had a break. He came to El Campín to fight. He did not let much time pass to find the key to the goals, the one he had lost.

First it was Sambueza, who took out the left foot that he had not taken out or that he had hidden. Strong shot for even a great goal, although the initial quota was from Rojas who rescued a ball that was lost.

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Santa Fe vs. Huila.


Mauricio Moreno / EL TIEMPO

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