REPLAY – Will artificial intelligence destroy our jobs? The Franceinfo Talk debate

Artificial intelligence is now growing, and is increasingly part of our daily lives. This technology, capable of simulating human intelligence, fascinates as much as it frightens, to the point of bringing back an old fear: that men are replaced by machines at work. So reality, or fiction?

To talk about it, Manon Mella receives Marion Carré, expert in artificial intelligence and co-founder of Ask Mona, and Juan Sebastian Carbonell, sociologist of work, and researcher at ENS Paris-Saclay.

Jobs already replaced

“The short-term impact of artificial intelligence depends on who controls it,” warned Stephen Hawking, the late British astrophysicist. Even presaging a Terminator-like scenario, with the ultimate uprising of machines against humans. If this theory is today of the order of fiction, the impact of AI on the world of work seems very real. According to Goldman Sachs, artificial intelligence could lead to the disappearance of 300 million jobs. A finding that we can already observe in our supermarkets today, with the partial replacement of cashiers and cashiers by robots. However, artificial intelligence could also be beneficial for employees, in particular by increasing their productivity, according to a study by Stanford University.

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