Perugia-Benevento, Kouan’s goal under investigation. The Prosecutor’s suspicion: sporting offense

The tail end of the Serie B championship is one you don’t expect: the federal prosecutor’s office enters the field to investigate the hypothesis of a sporting offense. The match in question is the one between Perugia-Benevento on 19 May. Victory on the Umbrian field for 3-2 but the magnifying glass is now focused on the third goal from Perugia, scored by Kouan: the one that earned them the success.

It must be said, in the introduction, that the outcome of the match was not used to rewrite the bitter fate of the hosts, who ended the season with an unexpected and disappointing relegation to Serie C.*100004 *

Kouan’s goal under the magnifying glassThe public prosecutor hypothesizes a sporting offense

Kouan’s goal under the magnifying glass

It’s the 4th minute of added time in the second half, game stopped at 2-2 , then Kouan’s leap gives Perugia the three points. Useless, given that for the purpose of salvation – indeed, of the playout – there should have been concomitant results that did not fit together.

Translated: Brescia should have lost in Palermo instead of, as happened, drawing. For the Public Prosecutor’s Office – which has already acquired the images of the challenge and given the start to the investigations – the network is worthy of attention.

Immediately after Camillo Ciano’s equalizer for the Samnites, a slip by Leverbe gives the ball to the opponents who have an all too easy life to get ahead, bagging a ball with Kouan which, with an empty net, only had to be pushed into net.

The public prosecutor hypothesizes the sporting offense

At present, this is the initial phase of the investigation with a lot of evaluation concerning “the methods of scoring, in added time, the third goal on the last day, with the hypothesis of a sporting offense”. The interrogation of the protagonists is scheduled for the next few days.

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