Only 13 years old is the champion of the first massive Virtual Reality tournament in Chile

With more than a thousand registered and 60 participants of different ages who played in the grand final, the first massive Virtual Reality tournament held in Chile, the Movistar Fibra Ultimate Gamer VR, culminated.

After 5 intense registration and training dates, this Saturday, April 29, the qualifying stage was held, and Sunday was the definition in different VR titles, such as Urban Basketball, Blaston, Eleven Table Tennis, Hyper Dash and All in One Sports, which includes darts, bowling and target shooting.

In the exciting final animated by Pancha Sky and Tabatha Pacer, the young player “Martín Pilser”, only 13 years old, and a native of the Santiago commune, was the great winner in front of hundreds of people present at the Stage Movistar Arena and the surroundings of the premises located in Mall Plaza Vespucio.

The champion of this unprecedented tournament got the precious Movistar GameClub Fiber Gem, which not only consisted of a physical icon, but also an NFT to show off in the Metaverse. This is equivalent to CLP $1,000,000 in exclusive Movistar GameClub benefits, such as Premium membership, hours of play and access to local events, such as the so-called “Madrugaming” and tournaments, with the option of going with friends.

Mathias Fernández, General Manager of Movistar GameClub, states that “it was an unprecedented, very exciting competition that shows that in Chile there is enough enthusiasm and talent to continue generating competitive instances in Virtual Reality. Movistar GameClub has the necessary infrastructure and characteristics to continue holding competitions of this type in the future”.

The success of Movistar Fibra Ultimate VR was reflected from the beginning on March 28 and throughout the following month, with more than 20,000 people attending Movistar GameClub, more than a thousand subscribers and a considerable audience witnessing the alternatives of the final through Twitch.

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