On June 16, the new album by Omar Pedrini is released: it’s called «Suspended»

The new album of unreleased songs by Omar Pedrini entitled «Suspended» is out on Friday 16 June: it will be available on CD, vinyl and on all digital platforms for Virgin Music LAS (Universal Music Italia).

This is the eighteenth album by uncle rock, among the eleven written for Timoria and the solo ones of which «Suspended» is the seventh. A work produced with his historic right-hand man Carlo Poddighe (also co-author of some songs) and played chorally by the well-established Omar Pedrini Band, which gives the work the sound of a solid rock ‘n roll band, with sound influences from post punk-new wave to 70s prog rock, a little Timoria, always loved by Omar.

«Nine songs and an Ave Maria» defined them as the artist, waiting to reveal the tracklist of the disc.

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Pedrini willed the album, which comes out six years after the previous one – «now I make an album every 6/7 years, when I feel I have something important to say, in the meantime make way for the young» – for the first time time has no guests.

Since the Timorias, Omar has always opened his records to numerous Italian and international colleagues, but this time the work was so personal and painful that Omar decided to dedicate himself entirely to it.

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«Suspended» is made up of many different places: written and recorded between his Buen Retiro estate in Tuscany, as a good peasant rocker as Omar likes to define himself, and the historical heart of his always loved Brescia, despite the artist living for 23 years in Milan.

A European Milan back in fashion, it is true, but impoverished by the recent painful losses of creative intelligences such as his dear friends Andrea Pinketts, Giovanni Gastel, Matteo Guarnaccia (to whom the record is ideally dedicated) and the less recent one of Tommaso Labranca who have left a great void in the Milanese metropolis.

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The new recording work was born between the period of Covid, which left the world in suspense, and its intense experience between life and death, facing only five surgeries in the last two years, four of which were cardiovascular.

A disc therefore personal and profound, but where the will to fight and to live emerge continuously, stubbornly. Dedicated to the new generations by an author attentive to the evils of the world and by a fifty-year-old pacifist anarchist man who for unsuspected times (we will remember the prophetic “2020” published as a cry for the planet as early as 1994) dreams of a humanity united in peace and just war on planetary pollution and climate change.

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