​IL criticizes António Costa’s silence and says he will do everything for the Government to fall


The leader of the Liberal Initiative, Rui Rocha, said this Saturday that it was not acceptable for the prime minister to remain silent about the commission of inquiry into TAP and stressed that the party will do everything for the government to fall.

António Costa cannot, cowardly, hide behind the end of the TAP commission of inquiry [and then pronounce]. It is now that the questions are being asked, it is now that António Costa owes explanations, he said, recalling that IL submitted a request for the Prime Minister to be heard in the inquiry commission.

Rui Rocha was speaking to journalists in Funchal, as part of a two-day visit to the Autonomous Region of Madeira, where he reaffirmed that there were incompatibilities between the versions of the Minister of Infrastructure, João Galamba, and António Costa regarding his knowledge of the intervention of the Security Information Service (SIS) in the case of the dismissal of Deputy Frederico Pinheiro.

António Costa also has to tell the Portuguese what is going on, what is his involvement, what is his assessment of all these cover-ups, half-truths, lies, he said.

The IL leader stressed that, based on the statements by the Minister of Infrastructure in the inquiry commission, we learn that the prime minister, that night [April 26], at one in the morning or thereabouts, namely that there had been an intervention by the SIS.

António Costa had said the opposite of this version a few days before, he warned.

For Rui Rocha, it is not acceptable for the Prime Minister to continue to shield himself, not to mention what is happening, the evidence of lies, half-truths, cover-ups, the nebulosity that exists around the issue.

António Costa held press conferences for hours, interviews for hours, comments for hours, when he presented, for example, the Mais Habitação program. Why don’t you do the same with regard to TAP’s processes?, he questioned, remembering that the Portuguese invested 3,200 million euros in TAP.

Rui Rocha said, on the other hand, that the current Socialist Government with an absolute majority is bad for Portugal, stressing that, in addition to constant scrutiny, the Liberal Initiative intends to do everything in its power to make the executive fall as quickly as possible. asked

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