Eco-anxiety is beginning to worry Colombians according to a study

🤯 2 out of 5 Colombians feel concerned about the present and future of the world in environmental terms.

♻️ Veolia, a multinational leader in environmental cleanup, hired a private company to carry out a global study and find out what people think about climate change.

➡️ These are some of the most relevant data in Colombia on a global survey.

1️⃣ 79% of Colombians express a feeling of ecological and climate vulnerability.

2️⃣ 83% of Colombians feel the degradation of the country’s ecosystem and biodiversity. 82% claim to have harsher living conditions. 80% of Colombians think they have a disease due to pollution.

3️⃣ 94% of Colombians think that climate change is underway, 88% are convinced that climate change has a human origin. Likewise, 12% of people are skeptical of climate change.

4️⃣ 64% say that you have to radically change your lifestyle and live more soberly.

🧐 It is worth mentioning that the study was carried out in 25 countries and for each country 1,000 people were surveyed.

The criteria to evaluate climate change, pollution and scarcity of resources and threats to biodiversity and food security.

• The company will continue to develop strategies to have a healthier and cleaner environment. Likewise, they work to help local entrepreneurs by buying their bags, if you want to know details, stay tuned to our networks.

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