Dino and Emicida launch ‘Maria’, an analysis of modern emotional relationships

Dino d’Santiago and Emicida will launch this fifth fair ‘Maria’, a piece of music that analyzes modern emotional relationships and challenges the prevailing ‘status quo’.

Em ‘Maria’, Dino d’Santiago, or Portuguese-Cape-Verdian artist and ativist based in Lisbon, known for mixing soul with the rhythms of the Morabeza archipelago, and Emicida, musician born in São Paulo, also recognized by hair Their activism, merger or hip-hop and afro-pop to evoke a similar story about love that transcends social conventions, as explained in a statement sent to the Notícias ao Minuto.

For the duo, this song is intended to inspire and remind listeners that true love requires respect, equality and a dose of luck to prosper.

‘Maria’ is a contemporary love song that accompanies two independent protagonists as they defy patriarchal designs rooted in society. Moved by the desire for a relationship based on equality and mutual respect, they courageously embarked on a journey of self-awareness and personal growth, Dino D’Santiago wrote on the same note.

‘Maria’ will be presented in public this month, since Emicida invited Dino D’Santiago to join the Coliseu de Lisboa, on May 11, and the Coliseu do Porto, on May 13.

Meanwhile, you can listen to the digital formats available here.

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