Crosetto-Rovelli, new attacks: Ridiculous accusations. No, warlike choices

Crosetto-Rovelli, nothing but dinner: new broadsides and accusations

The statements of the physicist Rovelli against Minister Crosetto at the Concertone on May 1st have created a political case. The scientist’s attack from the stage without mentioning him: Very close to Leonardo and salesman of war instruments, caused an immediate reply from the minister, who however at first tried to play down: I invite him to dinner. But the patch turned out to be worse than the hole and Rovelli attacked it again: The problem is not dinner, but political decisions, certain issues cannot be minimized with an invitation to eat. Minister Crosetto was even tougher this time: Attacking the defense minister – Crosetto told Corriere – in such a moment, with a bloody war on Europe’s doorstep, is one of the most serious things that can be done. I am also working for them.

It hurt, sure, like it can all the time people talk without knowing. I – continues the minister – would never talk about physics and he can’t talk about things he knows nothing about. Unfortunately he wanted to personalize, doing something violent and ad personam and abusing public transport. It’s just that I’m not a brawler like him and others. That’s why I said I turn the other cheek. The physicist Rovelli, however, kept his line: They tell me I’m pro-Russian, but it’s not true. I hate the policy of the Russian government and Putin. I think it’s one of the worst in the world. It is the opposite of my political values. But that doesn’t mean that this Meloni government is making warlike choices.

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