Basketball, Bologna makes the prediction count

Bologna spreads against Brindisi, annihilated at the PalaDozza.

The ‘Vu Nere’ get their hands on the game in the first quarter, closed 29 to 13: after a study phase and a good defense by the Apulian side, are Hackett and Cordinier to crumble the rival walls, with Pajola and Teodosic to shore up the partial; there is no story and Scariolo’s team, ‘approached’ by Real Madrid and Toronto during the week, proceeds in its monologue by rounding the mark on +28 and concluding the third quarter on 84 to 50. These are the three triples by Mannion to Virtussina crosses the triple digit, but the lead of the contenders is already on Monday: 104-68, with Cordinier, Ojeleye, Teodosic, Hackett and Mickey in double digits for the hosts.

Tomorrow is scheduled The last quarter-final between Tortona and Trento.

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