Apple Reality Pro: WSJ reveals design details, availability and price of VR / AR glasses

The Wall Street Journal released a new report today that corroborates many details of Apple’s “Reality Pro” headset ahead of its highly anticipated announcement at WWDC on June 5.

The report echoes that the AR/VR headset will feature a ski goggle-like design, an external battery pack and much more.

The report confirms that Apple’s headsets will use a mixed reality approach, allowing users to “experience their virtual worlds through the headset screen” while simultaneously viewing the “physical world around them through the cameras.” facing outwards».

While the helmet is scheduled to debut at WWDC, today’s report notes that it won’t be available “to most users until the fall at the earliest.” According to the report, series production will not begin until December.

Apple “has been preparing a demo version of the device for months” for WWDC in June.

Despite mass production still being months away, WSJ sources say that people inside Apple and the company’s supply chain are concerned about further delays.

The expected price of $3,000 is out of reach for many consumers, and the company already anticipates some production issues.

As for the physical design of the product, today’s report confirms that Apple’s Reality Pro will use an external battery. The earpiece “will also completely enclose the user’s eyes like a pair of safety glasses,” preventing users “from being able to directly see their surroundings as they would with a normal pair of glasses.”

Unsurprisingly, the report claims that Apple plans a wide range of developer sessions at WWDC that will be “dedicated to developing the software for the new headsets.”

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