All against Morena: PAN, PRI and PRD confirm alliance in CDMX for the 2024 elections

The political parties PAN, PRI and PRD confirmed their alliance for the next 2024 elections in Mexico City (CDMX).

* 100009*This Tuesday, the presidents of PAN —Andrés Atayde—, PRI —Israel Betanzos—, and PRD —Nora Arias—, in CDMX, signed an agreement to form an alliance in search of the head of government and, in turn, obtain the largest number of mayoralties in the capital.

In this way, the alliance revives It goes through Mexico City with which in the 2021 elections they achieved victory in 9 mayoralties in CDMX and 15 of the 33 Local Districts.

These are the agreements of the PAN, PRI and PRD when forming the alliance Va por la Ciudad de México

After formalizing the opposition alliance in CDMX, the parties PAN, PRI and PRD determined the following agreements:*100030 *Concretize the electoral alliance towards the 2024 electionForm coalition governments for the Head of Government and the mayors, based on dialogue and consensusBuild the parliamentary alliance to give viability to the coalition governments of Va Por la Ciudad de México* 100031*The presidents of the three parties in CDMX indicated that they will prioritize unity, responsibility and congruence in the alliance and be accompanied by civil society.

In January 2023, the national leader of the PAN, Marko Cortés, maintained that the process to elect the candidates for the presidency and the head of government of Mexico City in 2024 —in which they will be in coalition with the PRI and PRDwill be open and will consider candidates from civil society.

Who could be the candidate of the PAN, PRI alliance and PRD in CDMX?

To date, there have been several applicants who have expressed their interest in competing in the election process of the PAN-PRI-PRD alliance in Mexico City for the elections 2024.

Among those who have expressed their interest in running to succeed Claudia Sheinbaum as head of government are:

Santiago Taboada, mayor of Benito Juárez* 100056*Lía Limón, mayor of Álvaro ObregónAdrián Ruvalcaba, mayor of CuajimalpaXóchitl Gálvez, PAN senatorKenia López, PAN senator*1 00064 *

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