Twitter Inc. is no more, now it’s X Corp

Twitter as a standalone company is over! Henceforth, he
we must no longer speak of Twitter Inc. when referring to
to the company, but rather from X Corp. The latter, which
is also owned by Elon Musk, merged with Twitter Inc. on April 4, as the

Slate who discovered it in court documents from an ongoing trial
between Twitter and ultra-right activist Laura Loomer.

The case itself is not really important since it is a
simple complaint for a blocked account. What is intriguing here is rather information that can be read on court documents
which says: “Twitter, Inc. has merged with X Corp. and no longer exists.

A first step towards the creation of X?

The merger should not impact the service or operation of
Twitter, at least not right now. However, we see in this
strategy a first step towards the famous

transformation of the social network into the “universal app” that Elon Musk referred to last year
last. Similar to WeChat app in China,
this is intended to include financial transaction services, reservations, and
others in addition to its traditional social media function and
messaging platform.

Moreover, this merger also has a tax interest for Elon Musk
given that his company X Corp is based in Delaware, a state known
for its more advantageous taxation for businesses. Feature image: Joshua Hoehne/Unsplash

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