The Italian comedy festival in Hollywood

(ANSA) – LOS ANGELES, MARCH 31 – Comedy is a somewhat
overlooked by Hollywood festivals and awards. A little
festival conceived by a group of Italian artists seeking to
run for cover. Between a stage rehearsal and a back check
behind the scenes, the actor Gianfranco Terrin tells ANSA his story
Italian Comedy Festival, a marathon of films, short films
and live performances taking place over the weekend
at the Hudson Theater in the heart of Hollywood. It’s a party that
celebrate comedy in the world with our innate cheerfulness.
The idea came during the pandemic – explains Terrin -. A
once a week, me and other friends, also actors
Italians, we used to meet in the park to tell each other jokes,
funny stories, reading scripts. Lockdown in Los Angeles
it has never had the rigidity of the Italian one, also thanks
to the immense spaces that the city offers. Respecting social media
distance, it has always been possible to meet in the fresh air.
We used those 2 feet distance as training,
imagining being in the theater with the audience seated in the premiere
line. It was a way not to go crazy. The group is
grew up and the idea of ​​giving a chance also developed
to others to give a smile. The second edition of
Festival, sponsored by the Italian Cultural Institute, ranges
from cinema to theatre, from animation to web-tv. Much awaited
Brutta Figura, the short film directed by Giorgio Arcelli
Fontana, co-written by James Ivory. The comedy tells the
real friendship between the young director from Piacenza and the 94-year-old
Californian Oscar winner. Among feature films, it arrives
Overseas Water on the ropes by Paolo Consorti, with Enzo
Iacchetti, Elio and Giobbe Covatta. Coming soon Vida Gorda, movie
Peruvian that he dug out in 2022 and tells in an ironic key
the relationship of a young person with his own body. (HANDLE).

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