Streaming: platforms, prices, catalogs… which service to choose?

SummaryTerms for SVODAdvantages of SVOD Netflix: offer and priceAmazon Prime Video: offer and priceDisney+: offer and priceMyCanal: offer and priceOCS: offer and priceApple TV+: offer and priceSalto: offer and pricePluto TV: offer and offer and priceRakuten TV: offer and priceYouTube Premium: offer and priceParamount+: offer and priceSVOD (for Subscription Video On Demand or video on demand on subscription in French) has enjoyed phenomenal success in France for several years. According to a study by the Superior Audiovisual Council (CSA) published in July 2021, the number of daily SVOD users reached 8.7 million during the first six months of the year. This is more than double compared to 2019. Nothing too surprising in this since the periods of confinement linked to the Covid-19 pandemic have passed by, forcing the French to stay at home… and to occupy themselves. different exit bans are not the only reasons for this massive enthusiasm for SVOD. The offers have expanded with the arrival of new players such as Disney+ and Paramount+ – which can prove to be a double-edged sword – and the catalogs have been particularly well expanded with series and originals and films specially produced for streaming. Consumption also facilitated by the number of media available to enjoy videos, whatever the situation. But the competition is fierce, and Salto can testify to it! Indeed, the French Netflix had to bow to the competition and closed its doors in March 2023 (see our article). And the battle promises to be tough in the streaming sector! Faced with the heavyweights of Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV and OCS, newcomers with a fairly extensive catalog are trying to find a place for themselves: Paramount+ and Universal+ – the first arrived in France in December with fairly low prices, the second is expected soon. And that’s not counting the HBO Max streaming platform, which belongs to Warner, is supposed to arrive in France in 2024! With the multiplication of platforms, the content is more and more scattered, and you have to pay more and more to access the desired programs. There is something to be lost! How to enjoy subscription video (SVOD)? Video-on-demand platforms work on the same principle: streaming. This broadcasting technique consists of sending digital audio-video streams in real time via the Internet from servers to viewers, using the same channels as the Web or emails. It is therefore not a priority of downloading even if several services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or even Disney+ offer it on mobile. Also, to enjoy SVOD, you must first have an Internet connection. Whether it’s a wired (Ethernet) or wireless (WiFi) connection at home or via the mobile network (in 4G or 5G) when you’re out and about. the connection, and more particularly the speeds, that it can possibly jam. To watch a film or series in HD, the minimum bit rate is 5 Megabits per second (Mbit/s), in the downlink direction (in download, i.e. in reception). For 4K, you have to count on a minimum speed of 25 Mbit/s. If those who are connected to the Internet by fiber or cable at home or by 4G/5G on mobile do not have to worry, it is different for users connected by ADSL or even 3G in the countryside. It is better to check the speed of your connection before falling for an SVOD subscription. Also beware of the data plan on the mobile which can melt like snow in the sun. For example, Netflix indicates that one hour of video in SD quality (standard) corresponds to 1 GB of data). If the speed is satisfactory, you can then enjoy SVOD services on different types of devices, as long as they have a screen: computer, smartphone or tablet, but also a TV connected live (Smart TV via WiFi or via Ethernet) or through a TV box (Freebox, Livebox, Bbox, Box SFR, Chromecast, Android TV box, Amazon FireTV Stick, etc.). The actual access to the service is done either through a Web browser or, more comfortably, through a dedicated application on Windows, Android or iOS. In addition, all these services are completely independent of Internet service providers. In other words, you can enjoy them with any operator, even if some offer them as an option or as standard in certain subscription plans.What are the benefits of subscription video (SVOD)? If SVOD platforms are so successful today – Netflix had 208 million subscribers worldwide in April 2021, including nearly 8 million in France – it is because they have multiple advantages over traditional methods. conventional distribution, including when they offer paid formulas. Free schedules Unlike traditional live TV, it is the viewer who defines his program and the time he wants to watch it. We thus find the advantage of replay – catch-up television – but with a much wider choice. Above all, many series are offered in full seasons, which allows you to watch several episodes in a row, without having to wait for them to air – which can lead to excesses, with evenings or even entire nights spent chaining programs, in binge-watching mode as it is now called… Ad-Free Apart from very specific offers like Rakuten TV, for example, movies, cartoons or shows can be viewed without ad-interrupting. It is of course possible to take breaks when desired and even to interrupt the broadcast. When you reconnect, you can pick up exactly where you left off without worrying about anything. Everything is automatically stored. In addition, the contents can be synchronized. On some platforms, you can thus start watching a film on the smartphone, and finish it on the connected television, resuming at the exact moment you left off. Note, however, that cheaper offers are beginning to be offered on certain platforms, such as Netflix. Multi-account access Several services allow you to share a subscription with family or friends. Depending on the formulas, several people can connect to the same account, at the same time and on different devices. Convenient for parents who want to watch a movie on the living room TV while their teens enjoy their series on a tablet or phone. Content for allCertain services offer to manage the type of content accessible from profiles for children. Thus, a child logged into his Netflix account will only be able to view the cartoons you have selected. No question of letting him watch Squid Games’ hit series on the sly while you’re away. While they all work on the same principle, these platforms rely on different offers and services to attract their subscribers. Some, like Netflix, have specialized in original content – ​​the famous series La Casa de Papel, for example. Others, like Disney+, target a more family audience with an already well-established catalog and in particular the Star Wars license. Bridges also exist between several services, such as the partnership between Canal+ and Disney+, in France. Replay video, that is to say catch-up television to watch after its original broadcast, is also a strong argument, as on or MyCanal. Subscription costs vary. Finally, some platforms, like Hulu, are not accessible from France unless you use a VPN (read our article to understand the advantages of a VPN and choose the right service). All that remains is to choose the or the services that suit you best before settling down quietly under the plaid and enjoying your favorite films and series. Good session!Netflix: the benchmark for video on demandWhat does Netflix offer?Available since 2014 in France, the American Netflix platform is one of the essentials. Its success owes both to the richness of its catalog (series, films or documentaries) and to its own productions. Thus, some movies and series are only available on Netflix. The Squid Games, Arcane, Lupin, Stranger Things or Family Business series, for example, remain among the most viewed and anticipated. The contents are classified by genre, with a recommendation for similar films, series or documentaries. Thus, a user’s home page is personalized based on their most recent choices. Netflix tries to diversify its content as much as possible. Thus, it has recently offered Netflix Fitness, with 30 hours of sports lessons in collaboration with Nike, as well as a video game service, Netflix Games, which is really worth a look, with small video game nuggets like Oxenfree, Twelve Minutes and Kentcky Route Zero, and exclusive games from the platform’s licenses, such as Stranger Things (see our article).How much does the Netflix subscription cost?Netflix offers a monthly plan, with three ad-free plans.The $8.99 Essential subscription offers single-screen access with standard video quality. The Standard plan billed at 13.49 offers access to two simultaneous screens with HD quality (1280p x 720p). Finally, the Premium formula at 17.99 euros offers simultaneous access on four screens and content available in 4K (Ultra HD). Recently, it has also offered a Netflix Essential subscription at 5.99 euros per month with 4-minute commercials every hour in standard quality (see our article). Subscriptions must be purchased directly on the Netflix site. How to watch Netflix? Netflix content can be streamed or downloaded for offline viewing – only on Windows, Android and iOS apps. They are available from a dedicated interface. This interface is accessible from a web browser, without any specific download. An application exists for Windows PCs, smartphones and tablets. All access requires logging in with an active account. Smart TVs, certain Internet service providers – Free, for example, includes a Netflix Essential subscription for its subscribers with a Freebox Delta – as well as recent game consoles (Xbox One, PS4, etc.) can offer access to a Netflix app, or via the Google Chromecast. Learn more about NetflixSubscribe to NetflixAmazon Prime Video: an all-inclusive serviceWhat is the Amazon Prime Video offer?The Prime Video offer is a service included in the Amazon Prime subscription, which also includes related offers on delivery of items purchased on the sales site, or even streaming on Twitch. Like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video offers original and exclusive content: the series The Wheel of Time, Jack Ryan, The Boys, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power or Carnival Row for example. The catalog includes many films and series, in addition to additional films for rental on demand. As of March 2020, Prime Video has partnered with OCS and offers access to this channel, in addition to other channels, by paid subscription as part of its Prime Video Chanels. On the sports side, Amazon also broadcasts live content. It negotiated the broadcasting rights for the Roland Garros tennis tournament (included in the subscription) but also for Ligue 1 football for an additional subscription billed at 12.99 euros per month or 99 euros per year. Finally, the platform has recently integrated a new paid option to Prime Video, the Warner Pass, which gives access to the entire HBO catalog (Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon, Sopranos, His Dark Materials, Succession) and the 13 Warner Bros channels, at an additional cost of 9.99 euros per month (see our article). How much does the Amazon Prime Video subscription cost? euros per month or 69.90 euros per year – there is also a Student subscription reserved for those under 24 at 3.49 euros per month or 34.95 euros per year. Subscriptions also include, in addition to SVOD, the sales platform’s free and priority express delivery offer, unlimited storage on Amazon Drive, access to 100 million music tracks to listen to offline (Prime Music) , a selection of digital books (Prime Reading) and video games (Prime Gaming), as well as storage space for your photos with Amazon Photos. A 30-day free trial is possible by creating an account on the platform. Three devices can be connected simultaneously on the same account. How do I watch Amazon Prime Video? The Prime Video app is available on iOS and Android for smartphones or tablets. The interface is also available on web browser without downloading. All Prime Video content is accessible on Smart TVs or through access provider boxes, provided you install the dedicated application. Finally, you can also watch Amazon Prime Video movies or series on a television screen from a compatible game console, or by using Google Chromecast. Find out more about Amazon Prime VideoSubscribe to Amazon Prime VideoDisney+: everything for the family and childrenWhat is the Disney+ offer?The Disney+ platform has been available in France since April 2020. It offers series, films and documentaries to its subscribers, with a positioning very focused on young audiences and families. It includes works by Disney and Pixar, National Geographic documentaries as well as productions from the Star Wars and Marvel universes, including original productions such as The Mandalorian, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Andor and Loki, Wandavision.Finally, the Star channel offers more adult content, with movies, popular series like The Simpsons and Grey’s Anatomy, as well as original productions. In France, Disney+ has concluded an agreement with Canal+ and the offer can therefore be included in a Canal+ subscription. How much does Disney+ cost? The Disney+ subscription costs 8.99 euros per month or 89.90 euros for a year. The subscription includes the creation of a maximum of 7 profiles, with 4 screens connected simultaneously as well as films and series offered in 4K and Dolby Atmos sound. Other offers are possible as part of Canal+ subscriptions. Note however that, since December 2022, the United States has had the right to a price increase which should soon arrive in France. From now on, there will be two subscriptions: Disney+ Basic, which will contain 4 minutes of commercials every hour, and Disney+ Premium, which is the current formula, but more expensive. How to watch Disney+? Disney+ is accessible on its dedicated application, available on smartphones, tablets and computers. It is also offered on compatible connected televisions. On the Internet boxes, on the other hand, you must have a Canal+ subscription. Find out more about Disney+ Subscribe to Disney+MyCanal: a rich but complex offer What is the MyCanal offer?MyCanal (formerly CanalPlay) is Canal+’s video-on-demand platform. The service offers all the content (films, series, sports, shows, television, etc.) from the Canal group. Canal+ exclusives and original creations are available there. The Canal+ Ciné-Séries formula remains by far the most interesting since it includes access to the catalogs of Netflix, OCS, Disney+, StarZPlay and all the versions of the Canal+ group (Canal+ Cinéma, Canal+ Kids, Canal+ Séries, etc.). The content can be viewed live or in replay via the application. They can also be stored to be consulted later without connection (only on tablets and smartphones via the application). Little more significant: the application also allows you to see the programs of the DTT channels live or in replay. How much does MyCanal cost? A subscription to Canal+ is required. The basic Canal+ subscription plan is billed at 27.99 euros per month without commitment. If you commit to two years, the price drops to 22.99 euros per month for one year, then increases to 27.99 euros. The Canal+ Ciné-Séries subscription formula is billed at 38.99 euros per month without commitment. If you commit to two years, the price drops to 25.99 euros per month for one year, then increases to 38.99 euros. There is also the Canal+ Sport offer at 45.99 euros per month or, if you choose a two-year commitment, 34.99 euros per month the first year, then 45.99 euros per month. Multi-screen access is possible: up to 4 screens depending on the subscription taken out. Be careful to take the time to compare offers and subscriptions: there are several and it is not always easy to find your way around. How to watch MyCanal? The app is available on smartphones and tablets, as well as smart TVs or using a Chromecast. The contents are also accessible on a web browser, without downloading an application but by identifying yourself with your usual account. Find out more about MyCanalSubscribe to MyCanalOCS: series, cinema and magazinesWhat the OCS offer OCS, or Orange Cinema Series, is originally a set of channels devoted to series and cinema. But it is also a platform that has taken advantage of the success of video on demand services to launch its own SVoD service. There are films (including Everything Everywhere All At Once, which won numerous Oscars), series (Mad Men), but also children’s programs (Olive and Tom) and documentaries. However, it lost its partnership with the American giant HBO, which allowed it to offer content such as West World, Watchmen, The Handmaid’s Tale or Game of Throne, which greatly diminishes its interest. How much does OCS cost? The cost of the service is substantially the same as other similar platforms: a formula at 10.99 euros per month accessible on two screens simultaneously, only on mobile, tablet or web browser; and a 12.99 euro formula also compatible with connected televisions, Chromecast, Apple TV… and allows viewing on three simultaneous screens. How to watch OCS? OCS has the particularity of offering a simplified formula for those who wish to access content only from the mobile application (smartphones and tablets) or from a web browser. It is also possible to consult the entire catalog from your television, by choosing the most expensive offer.In this case, OCS can be watched from a connected television, a home console (Xbox One, etc.) or by setting up the Chromecast. Find out more about OCSSubscribe to OCSApple TV+: only original contentWhat is the Apple TV+ offerWith its Apple TV+ service, Apple is gaining ground on the SVOD platform market. If the content is a little less provided than with its competitors, the platform still offers original content in addition to certain exclusives. There are successful series such as Ted Lasso, See, Severance, Invasion or For All Mankind, documentaries, children’s programs and talk shows. Some exclusives boast a five-star cast, with stars like Will Smith, Eva Green, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert de Niro. Subscribers are entitled to Dolby Atmos and 4K HDR technologies. How much does Apple TV+ cost? Apple TV+ was entitled to a nice price increase in October 2022. The subscription now costs 6.99 euros per month, with a period 7 day trial. It is also offered free of charge for three months to Internet users who have purchased a product from the brand (iPhone, iPad, Macbook, etc.). The subscription can be used by 6 people. It can be paired with an Apple Music subscription or can be accessed via the Apple One subscription, which combines five Apple services (from 16.95 to 31.95 euros per month). How to watch Apple TV+? The application is available on recent Apple devices. It is also integrated into the Apple TV. Content can be viewed from a compatible web browser (Safari, Chrome and Firefox), the mobile app, smart TVs, game consoles and some set-top boxes.Learn more about Apple TV+Subscribe to Apple TV+Pluto TV: free but with advertisingWhat is the Pluto TV offer?Recently arrived in France, Pluto TV is a service of American origin. Everything is free there. In return, you have to accept advertising breaks during the broadcast. Exactly like on TNT channels, or on streaming music services like Deezer or Spotify, in their free formulas. In fact, Pluto TV works as a live and replay TV service. Except that instead of having programs from national channels, films and series are offered with broadcast times and the possibility of watching them also on demand. Attention, everything here is in French (no original version with subtitles is available). How much does Pluto TV cost? No registration for the service is necessary and everything is completely free. In return, you have to accept the presence of advertising breaks during the broadcast of programs. How to watch Pluto TV? Pluto TV is accessible on a computer from any Web browser. The service is also available through apps available on Android and iOS.Access Pluto all live and replay TV channelsWhat is is a French service that has existed since 2016. It allows you to watch TV programs in streaming, live or replay. Its particularity is to offer a transversal vision of the content, with a search by keyword or by type rather than by channel for example. 90 channels including DTT are available, and also offers some interesting functions, such as the possibility of following a particular actor or director to follow all related content. Other features and additional channels are available on paid subscription. How much does cost? Access is free for the majority for the 50 live channels and offers many replays, access to Mango services – more than 3 000 hours of films, series and documentaries in free access -, the follow-up of personalities and favorite events, as well as quick quick access by channel or category of programs. On the other hand, the channels of the TF1 and M6 groups are no longer included, contrary to the beginnings of the platform: it is now necessary to take out a paid subscription to access them… To benefit from the entire catalog as well as additional functions – the recording of content, for example – you have to subscribe to a subscription of 0.99 euros the first month, then 5.99 euros per month – against 3.99 euros previously. The paid subscription includes access to over 90 channels for four simultaneous screens in HD. Other offers with additional channels are available. Thus, there is a subscription at 9.99 euros per month with one month free, the Molotov Grand Cinéma option at 19.99 euros per month to access channels such as Action RTL9, Drive-In and Paramount Chanel an offer at 3.99 euros per month to access the Toonami and Adult Swim channels, or a subscription at 12.99 per month to access the 4 OCS channels.How to watch is available on smartphones and tablets, as well as on Mac and PC by downloading the dedicated application. Content can be viewed from compatible smart TVs, Apple TV or using a Chromecast. Learn more about Molotov.TVSubscribe to Molotov TVRakuten TV: free programs with advertisingWhat is the Rakuten TV offer? The video-on-demand platform Rakuten TV belongs to the e-commerce group of the same name. Even if Rakuten TV is (also) seeking to find a place for itself among VOD services, its offer is distinguished by its originality: there are both films and documentaries in free access and a catalog of films for rental on demand. . Free content is ad-supported, so expect to find it when watching an open-access movie. How much does Rakuten TV cost? The platform offers free movies, documentaries, series and children’s content, but contain advertisements. Films or seasons of series are also available for rental: prices for films, for example, vary between 3 and 5 euros and remain accessible on the account for three years. The platform also offers a subscription to the StarZPlay platform at 4.99 euros per month and a 7-day free trial. How to watch Rakuten TV? The content is available on the dedicated application on smartphones and tablets, and online on a web browser. Rakuten TV is also available on connected televisions, especially since the Japanese giant has signed an agreement with several manufacturers to have a button dedicated to its service on remote controls. Finally, Rakuten TV is accessible on connected video game consoles or via a Chromecast. Please note: Rakuten TV cannot work behind a VPN. Learn more about Rakuten TVYouTube Premium: video and music without advertisingWhat is the YouTube Premium offer?Youtube Premium (formerly YouTube Red) allows access to content on the platform without any advertising… which is already an advantage not negligible. This subscription also includes the platform’s musical offer (YouTube Music Premium). For both videos and music, it is therefore possible to take advantage of an ad-free streaming offer, authorized downloads on a tablet, smartphone or computer, as well as background playback. YouTube is also seeking to establish itself among the video-on-demand service platforms with original creations, under the YouTube Originals brand. These are mainly English-language programs. The subscription also includes ad-free access to YouTube Kids, with content suitable for young audiences. How much does YouTube Premium cost? The monthly subscription costs 11.99 euros with a three-month free trial. YouTube Premium also offers an offer for students at 6.99 euros per month, and a formula at 17.99 euros for families (up to five users). For these last two formulas, YouTube Premium offers a free trial month. How do I watch YouTube Premium? Content can be accessed from the YouTube app, either from a web browser or on a smartphone or tablet. They can also be viewed on a connected TV, by installing the YouTube app, or using a Chromecast device. Learn more about YouTube Premium and subscribeParamount+: the newcomer to SVODWhat does Paramount+ offer?Paramount+ is a newcomer full of ambition trying to find a place among the giants of SVOD. Arriving in France in December 2022, the platform offers a wide variety of content, including CBS series (Les Experts, Magnum), MTV (Jackass, 17 years old and Mom), Comedy Central (South Park), Nickelodeon (Pat’Patrouille, Dora the Explorer, Avatar: The Last Airbender), Showtime (Billions, Yellowjackets, Homeland, Dexter), as well as famous studio films and franchises such as Mission Impossible, Top Gun or Transformers, Star Trek or again without a sound. There’s also some exclusive content like the Halo series, adapted from the eponymous video game license – more exclusives are in the works. How much does Paramount+ cost? Paramount+ is accessible for 7.99 euros per month or 79.90 euros per year, with a free trial period of 7 days. Subscribers to Canal+ Ciné Séries packages, which cost 34.99 euros/month (with two years of commitment) or 40.99 euros/month (without commitment), are entitled to unlimited access to the platform.How to watch Paramount+?Paramount+ is accessible on its dedicated application, available on smartphone and tablet (Android and iOS).It can also be accessed from any web browser, via connected televisions (Samsung TV) as well as through TV services from Apple, Amazon, Google TV and Roku.Learn more about Paramount+Subscribe to Paramount+

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