Paraguayan senator denounced his party’s deputy for requesting funds to free Marset

A Paraguayan senator, from the ruling Colorado Party (also known as the National Republican Association or ANR-PC) expanded his complaint filed with the Prosecutor’s Office of his country against a deputy from his same party for the links of that legislator with the Uruguayan drug trafficker Sebastián Marset , who is a fugitive from justice and is being investigated within the framework of the A Ultranza Py operation. According to the Paraguayan newspaper ABC, Senator Derlis Osorio appeared before the Specialized Unit for Economic Crimes of the Public Ministry to expand his pre-existing complaint against his Colorado Cartista deputy Enrico Galeano. Osorio said that Ezequiel Ramírez Barreto, president of Club Deportivo Capiatá and ANR-PC politician, went to his home to discuss the need to obtain a loan for deputy Enrico Galeano, because he himself had to send him that sum. of money to a Capiatá sports player, the Uruguayan Marset. “At that moment he asked me to take steps, because Ezequiel Ramírez wanted to get congressman Enrico Galeano to leave his movement and join our movement to be a candidate for governor of Central (one of the 17 departments of Paraguay)”, he expressed. “He (Ramírez) thought that by getting him that loan he could give himself a pass from one movement to another”, said the deputy. In turn, he recalled that Galeano would have requested the same sum, 500,000 dollars, from Jazmín Naváez, an ANR-PC deputy, even raising the possibility that the Paraguayan president, Mario Abdo Benítez, lend him the money, as stated in the Osorio’s complaint. The Paraguayan senator said that this maneuver took place at the end of 2021, before the A Ultranza Py operation was released, for which he maintains that he was unaware that Marset, then known as a footballer, was being investigated. Osorio said Ramírez told him the money was needed to free Marset, who had been detained in Dubai. The legislator said that he understood what was behind it when the operation became known. The Colorado legislator said that he knows that Ramírez denies the facts, but that he is not surprised and that the president of Capiatá knew that he did not have that amount of money when He asked him, so the request was aimed at making arrangements with the authorities of his party, in particular, Vice President Hugo Velázquez. In expanding his complaint, Osorio said that he communicated this to number two in the Paraguayan government and that he told him that it was impossible to do that.

Montevideo Portal

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