NFL Draft 2023: How long does a player on rookie salary last and how much does he make?

This Thursday the first round of the NFL Drafttook place, in which the first 31 players are chosen, who will be part of the 2023 grid. rookies and the agreement must remain for a minimum of four years.

For the pick one players the clauses change a bit, because according to Forbes, the minimum salary starts at $660,000 a year, but the quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings, Sam Bradford, had an initial contract of $78 million for five years with the Rams.

Salaries depend on player positions, teams and number of round in which they were chosen, according to this, each year they can increase the base amount and they are also eligible for bonuses and other types of incentives.

The Draft has a duration of three days, the first round is carried out individually, then the second and third rounds on the same day, and finally, from the fourth to the seventh round.

According to Spotrac, the player with the The highest average salary was Aaron Rodgers with the Packers for 50.2 million dollars, now that he is part of the Jets it will be 58.3 million dollars, which with the contract change, it could exceed 100 million dollars by 2024.

The average of the lowest salary would be 948 thousand dollars, almost 50 million dollars difference between players in the same league and two of them belong to the Rams.

According to ESPN’s Roster Management System, quarterback Deshaun Watson‘s salary is below Rodgers at $46 million, which due to his contract could exceed of the Jets with $230 million secured in his total.

After quarterbacks the next highest paid position in offense is wide receiver, the highest contract goes to Cooper Kupp, of the Los Angeles Rams for 26.7 million dollars.

On defense, the defensive tackle has the highest salary, at 31.6 million dollars and corresponds to Aaron Donald, also of the Rams.


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