It seems inhuman to me: Vesta Lugg harshly criticized Colo-Colo for allegations against Jordhy Thompson

After new accusations of domestic violence against Jordhy Thompson came to light, Vesta Lugg decided to share his thoughts on the accusations against the footballer on his Instagram stories, harshly criticizing Colo-Colo for its actions in the situation.
I imagine that this situation with his player who abused and violated his partner is complex to face. The initial images that emerged of the violence against women by the professional who today has a club contract were difficult to look at, I imagine that for the leadership, the fans and the teammates it was also difficult to digest, the former began BKN addressing the albos.

Although the singer acknowledged that the team should have faced him as best they could and that they do not have all the information they have, she criticized the decision to keep the player within their ranks.
Now there are more images and audios of the violence of her professional towards his wife. As a human… as a woman… as a person who cares tremendously about seeing a world where no one feels capable of violating, assaulting, and possibly killing a woman because they can separate from the campus and reintegrate it for the ‘ specialists say that this is what you need for YOUR recovery’ to stop violating, it seems inhumane, incorrect and a wrong example to all the thousands of young people who go out of their way for their beautiful sport and their team that moves their souls, pointed out the also an influencer, adding that he regrets that we have to keep waiting for “something worse” to happen to the victim to take the case seriously.
In addition, in her subsequent publications, Lugg expressed her support for Thompson’s ex-partner by sharing the funa, also criticizing the controversial words of DT Gustavo Quinteros, who expressed that the responsibility falls on both.

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