“It is irreparable”: Adriana Arángo revealed how she managed to be intimate with Robinson Díaz after cheating

A few years ago, when the novel ‘Vecinosa’ was on the air on the Caracol channel, Adriána Arango and Robinson Díaz starred in one of the most controversial scandals in national show business, as Diaz had been unfaithful to her while filming this novel after more 10 years of marriage. Adriana forgave him, but revealed how the process of forgiving him was.

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For those who don’t know the story, Robinson Díaz began flirting with Sara Corrales while they were recording the soap opera. After several months of insisting, Sara Corrales began to fall in love and they went out secretly from everyone.

It was once, when Robinson Díaz did not appear and his wife , Adriana Arango, worried about him, alerted the authorities so that they will look for him everywhere.

What she expected us is that the car of the famous actor was parked in the set of Sarah Corrales. Immediately, their romance and controversy was huge, it was even international news.

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* 100027* Adriana Arango and Robinson Díaz separated but shortly after they got back together and after so many years, the actress has finally revealed what the process of forgiving him was like and even being intimate with him:* 100030*

“In my case, when it happened to me, it was so terrible. I believe that I was born with very low self-esteem, and for a man we should never, ever compete.How am I going to compare myself with a person 15 years younger than me, that is, the comparison is laughable. Also, what are we going to compare, I had a complete life with that husband” she began by saying.”

“I think that this is irreparable, suddenly one ends up being like ‘my husbands’ over time, Husband friends, someone I love, who is my husband or was my husband or whatever and that we do things together sometimes, because well, one remains as a family and such, but as a couple, as intimacy, I don’t know can repair”, he indicated.

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