‘Health reform project includes ideas from parties and society’

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection declared that, after the presentation of the health reform paper, the bill is now ready to be debated in the Congress of the Republic. Among some novelties are the mechanisms, there is the creation of a financial risk management system that prevents excessive spending, in order to optimize investments focused on the provision of health services to users. (The keys to the presentation of reform to the health that was filed). health problems of citizens who cannot access the health system organically, has collected several proposals raised in meetings with various political sectors, including the Liberal, Conservative and U parties. (Health reform presentation was based in Congress). In the same way, the presentation, as explained by the Ministry, includes several recommendations from various organizations of society, the unions of the sector and workers, in order to guarantee access to services, medicines, and treatments .(Alami asks the Colombian government to protect the health system). Among the points highlighted by the Ministry in the presentation are: the restructuring of the social health security system, the creation of the National Health Council, the prohibition to deny to provide the health service, the creation of the State Health Institutions, the Primary Health Care Centers, the general model of the health system that the project seeks, the rescue of the country’s hospitals and the regulation of the price of medicines. (If the health reform falls, there would be a positive economic impact). PORTFOLIO

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