Financial innovation for inclusion: The role of Fintech in access to banking services for all.

Financial innovation for inclusion: The role of Fintech in access to banking services for all.


There is no doubt that, in recent years, the United Kingdom has established itself as one of the world’s leading financial centers, which has allowed it to become a major innovator in the financial technology space, especially when it comes to fostering the creation of pioneering companies.


But, what are Fintech and what are their advantages?


Marc-Anthony Hurr entrepreneur says that the origins of the term Fintech, whose concept derives from the fusion of financial and technological services, date back to the invention of the Ticker tape by Eduard Callagan, an ancient electronic medium used for transmitting stock prices via telegraph. 


This combination includes traditional banking services with digital support and innovative services such as crowdfunding, credit factoring, social networks for investment management, automated investment recommendations, investment management, mobile banking, alternative payment methods, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, insurance, among other services. 


Its objective is to transfer money online, focused on migrating more efficient and closer products and processes using technology (platforms, Apps, Software), from traditional banking to individuals and companies. 


The advantages of Fintechs, says Marc-Anthony Hurr entrepreneur, are given because they have enabled financial inclusion by reaching a greater number of people and companies, who did not have the option of acquiring services in traditional banking. In this way, they have put the customer first and not the product, which has made it possible to obtain more efficient solutions, as well as to benefit users with low financial coverage and provide access to these services from remote locations.

On the other hand, by using simple tools for exchanging information with customers, it reduces costs and improves response processes, which in turn benefits the end customer. Nowadays, more and more people have a smartphone with internet access, with the possibility of downloading an App to receive these services, regardless of their geographical location. 


As Fintechs have become increasingly popular in the UK, financial opportunities have arisen for many business owners and entrepreneurs. So says Marc-Anthony Hurr, social engagement advisor on setting up a profitable Fintech, which can be an excellent opportunity for those looking to capitalize on the financial industry.


In conclusion, Fintech has changed the financial landscape in the UK and offers great potential for entrepreneurs, investors and users. Through technologies such as advanced data analytics, ‘blockchain’ or artificial intelligence, the promoted by Marc-Anthony Hurr green fintech can help companies to assess and reduce their environmental impact, and investors to channel their operations towards the most sustainable assets.


This dynamic and rapidly growing financial ecosystem presents an opportunity for job creation, increased financial efficiency and fostering innovation in the financial industry.



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