Enem: students can apply for fee exemption from this Monday

Students who are going to take Enem 2023 – the National High School Examination – can apply for the registration fee to be waived starting this Monday, the 17th. Students who are attending the last year of high school in public schools, or who have been a full scholarship holder in a private network, may apply for exemption; who have a per capita family income of less than 1 and a half minimum wage; or even, students with a declaration of economic vulnerability and enrolled in the federal government’s cadunico. To ensure accessibility, in addition to the traditional version, this year Inep made available two versions of the notice for exemption from the registration fee and justification aimed at participants with disabilities. One in Libras – the Brazilian Sign Language – and another with adaptations for people with visual impairments. The deadline to place an order is April 28th. This deadline also applies to students who won the exemption and did not appear in last year’s exam must provide justification. If no justification is provided or it is refused, the student will have to pay the registration fee. The result of the analysis of the justifications will come out on May 8th. Enem 2023 exams are scheduled for November 5th and 12th.

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