Elina Fernández and Eduardo Costantini, sweethearted in Punta del Este

Eduardo Costantini and Elina Fernández demonstrated that there is no age for love and overcame prejudices installed in society. A few weeks ago, the couple settled in the mansion they have in Las Garzas to celebrate Easter as a family.

Ker Weinstein shared images of the very sweethearted couple on the beaches of the Uruguayan resort and that Caras magazine captured from Argentina. “Despite the rumors, they look very in love. They chapan a lot, ”explained the influencer along with the images of both at their best.

The couple met in 2019 and in 2020 they got married. From the beginning of the relationship, the marriage faced a lot of criticism. One of the rumors that circulated at the time was that Elina bewitched the tycoon with a well-known spell called “thong water”.

Months ago, the model denied the pregnancy rumors. The businessman is the father of seven children —María Teresa, Mariana, María Soledad, Eduardo, Tomás, Malena and Gonzalo—, the result of his relationship with the actress María Teresa Correa Ávila.

Photo: capture Instagram stories @chismesdeker

Photo: capture Instagram stories @chismesdeker

Photo: capture Instagram stories @chismesdeker

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