DGI enabled simulators to see how the income tax reduction impacts the pocket

The General Tax Directorate (DGI) enabled simulators that allow you to see the scope of the tax reductions that begin to be applied as of this year, in IRPF, IASS and the charges on micro and small companies.

Regarding personal income tax, the deduction rate is increased from 10% to 14% for nominal monthly income of up to 180 BPC ($84,900 in 2023). The deduction per child also increases, the annual tax goes from 13 BPC to 20 BPC ($113,200) and the doubling of the deduction in the case of children with disabilities is maintained.

Another deduction that also increases is that of the mortgage loan, which goes from 794,000 to 1,000,000 indexed units (USD 137,500 in 2023), maintaining the annual deduction ceiling of 36 BPC ($203,760). The real estate rental tax credit also increases from 6% to 8% of the rental amount.

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These last two benefits become effective with the presentation of the affidavit, starting in June of next year.

The measures will reach 75% of personal income taxpayers. The 47% of lower-income taxpayers will benefit more. Some 63,000 people, 14% of the total, will stop paying. 35% of lower-income workers will stop paying personal income tax.

Regarding the IASS, the modifications aim to increase the non-taxable minimum and the credit for leases. The non-taxable minimum will go from 96 BPC ($45,280) to 108 BPC ($50,940) per year. The tax credit for leasing real estate increases, as in the case of personal income tax, from 6% to 8%.

All IASS taxpayers will benefit from the measures and 11% will stop paying.* 100014*

Access the IRPF simulators.

Access the information on the reduction of IASS.

Access the information on the reduction of taxes for micro and small companies.* 100020*
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