Bem Viver on TV: documentary denounces the impacts of wind farms in Pernambuco

In this edition, Bem Viver on TV, a program from Brasil de Fato, features the documentary Vento Agreste in the Cultural Mosaic, which denounces the impacts of wind farms in Pernambuco.

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The record is a production of the Pastoral Land Commission (CPT) in partnership with the Mãe Terra Institute, with the residency team in collective health and agroecology at the Federal University of Pernambuco and with the Casa Socioambiental Fund to support the fight for the reparation of human rights. violated by farmers, including Roselma de Melo.

We only have two options, which is: either we leave our place or the wind turbines leave. And we know that wind turbines are not going to come out. So, unfortunately, we’re going to have to leave the place we chose to live. The people here who live practically under them, it’s a health problem, anxiety increased, loss of sleep to sleep. The noise is frequent, it is the noise every day, it denounces agriculture.

The recordings of Vento Agreste were carried out between July and October 2022, based on the activities of organizations involved in listening, recording, training and monitoring cases of violations of rights caused by wind farms.

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One of the main criticisms is the model that has been used for the installation, where residents end up accepting it without knowing the impact on practice, as highlighted by João Paulo do Vale, who is a CPT agent and was the director and screenwriter of the documentary.

The issue is not wind energy, the issue is the model in Brazil, because it will follow the same standards as the traditional latifundia. In Europe, there is another regulation, when energy arrives in Brazil it imitates the logic of land ownership, violence, accumulation so we thought that the most interesting, strategic thing was to give visibility to what really happens to show that this energy is not enough nor for nature because nature suffers a lot with this model that is installed in Brazil, much less for peasants, for the people of nature, points out Vale.

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Editing: Marina Duarte de Souza

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