Auditel analysis of the evening of Friday 14 April 2023

So let’s start from the challenge of the Tg at 8 pm with the Tg1 curve in command right up to the threshold of 26% share, but with the orange curve of Tg5 positioned above the 20% share line. The black curve of Tg La7 is positioned up to around 6% share, with the red curve of Tg2 at 20:30 touching the same threshold. In the area of ​​access time we see the blue curve of Rai1 in the lead with Soliti ignoti che it flows between 20 and 25% of share, with the curve of Striscia la Notizia below. Then follows the usual trio of curves of Un posto al sole, NCIS and Otto e mezzo slightly below the threshold of 10% share. Prime time with the orange curve of Canale 5 in the lead with the fiction Il patriarch, a fiction that runs first just below the 20% share line, a threshold which then breaks through in the late evening until it reaches 23% at the end. The blue curve of the variety It takes a flower 2 follows in decline and below the 15% share line, while the Rai total is kept up by the red curve of Rai2 with the second weekly episode of the Rai2 fiction Rocco Schiavone, this curve touches the 10% share line. Only fourth this time is the yellow curve of Rete 4 with Quarto gradi. Second evening with the yellow curve of the finale of the episode of Quarto gradi reaching 16% share, while all the other curves are below the 10% share line.

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