April 25: President of AR vehemently condemns Chega’s silent protest against Lula da Silva

The president of the Legislative Assembly of the Republic, Augusto Santos Silva, interrupted the speech of the president of Brazil, Lula da Silva, to condemn the silent protest of Chega against the Brazilian president.

Augusto Santos Silva vehemently protested against the Chega parliamentary bench, referring that in order to remain in the session welcoming Lula da Silva, which took place in the Assembly of the Republic, on April 25, it is necessary for them to behave.* 100004*

“No more insults, no more degrading institutions”, said Augusto Santos Silva.

All members of Chega stood up at the beginning of the speech by the Brazilian president, displaying a series of posters in protest against Lula da Silva.

These posters read ‘no more corruption’, and ‘a thief’s place is in prison’, and another poster with the flag of Ukraine.

Rectified at 11:06 am: The condemnation of the President of the Assembly of the Republic, against Chega, was made in the welcome session for Lula da Silva that took place in the Assembly of the Republic and not in the commemorative session of the 25th of April.*100012 *

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